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Queer as Folk Big Bang
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18th-May-2010 02:16 am(no subject)
Title: Ted’s Twins
Author(s): 7wildwaysup
Artist: galeandrandy
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable charters, settings, plot, etc. are property of their respective owners, including, but not limited to Russell T. Davies, Cowlip, and Showtime. The author of this story is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended…
Characters/Pairings: The Usual Suspects, Cal and Clay Thomson
Word Count: 16,102
Warnings: Physical, Mental and Sexual Abuse, Incest and Suicide
Summary: The twins run away from home and end up at the Grassi house where Blake volunteers, he and Ted have been trying to adopt for several years. Blake brings the boys home and they all try and be a family.
The boys were never forthcoming about their background because it’s so painful. Their completely fucked up and frightened so they run away and find Ted and Blake; together they all heal and become a family and in the process they start an alternative school for gay youth.
Author's Notes: Sorry this is late. I hurt my shoulder and found that sitting at the computer was painful. I would like to thank galeandrandy for the banner and icon. You did a wonderful job.

Link to Story : Master Post

Link to Art : Master Post
Title: Falling Off The Cliff
Written By: sfscarlet
Artist: foreverbm
Disclaimer: Brian and Justin belong to Cowlip. No copywrite infringement meant. This story is just for entertainment. I'm not a medical professional; therefore some liberties may be taken.
Characters/Pairings: Brian/ Justin
Word Count:43,205
Warnings: some angst
Justin is in New York and Brian is in Pittsburgh. Will Brian and Justin avoid Mount Kinney this time?
Author’s Notes: thanks to girloftheburbs for beta duty- I couldn't have done this without her many hours of help and assistance. Comments always welcome- it only takes a moment to tell me what you think.

Link to Story Master Post:Falling Off The Cliff
Link to Art Master Post:<"http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y103/viv50/FallingOffTheCliff.jpg">
14th-May-2010 10:43 pm - FIC: Welcome to Heartbreak
Title: Welcome to Heartbreak
Author: freakykat
Artist: masterglory
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Make no money. Do not sue me.
Characters/Pairings: Brian Kinney/Justin Taylor, various primary and secondary characters
Word Count: 13,118
Warnings: Some violent images, language, sexual content
Spoilers: Various situations from S1 - end of S5
Summary: Brian Kinney is being plagued by dreams (and nightmares) of a life he doesn't recognize and a man he doesn't know. He moves to New York and away from everyone he knows, and reluctantly loves only to find that, after a few years, he has bigger ideas and plans. Returning to Pittsburgh, he finally meets Justin Taylor - the man in his dreams. Brian struggles to understand what that means and how he feels while ignoring all the signs fate is giving him.

A complete AU where Justin and Brian never meet, Gus is never born and Brian runs away from having to be the one unchanging facet in his family and friend's lives. Brian and Justin find each other. And the rest is out of their hands.

Author’s Notes: Everyone can blame wouldbedorothy for this. During a discussion, she talked about this video bunny she had for a Brian/Justin AU vid using Kanye West’s “Welcome to Heartbreak” and then THIS happened. Written for qafbigbang challenge! Thanks to the mods for putting it together!

Link to Story Master Post: Welcome to Heartbreak
Link to Art Master Post: Welcome to Heartbreak Art
13th-May-2010 11:25 pm - FOREVER LOVE
Title: Forever Love
Author(s): balrogtweety
Artist: galeandrandy
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, Cowlip and Showtime do.
Characters/Pairings: Brian/Justin , Gang
Word Count: 20,493
Warnings:MPREG, m/m sex
Spoilers: None
Summary: This is where males are surgically altered because women have become sterile in later years. Brian meets the love of his life.
Author’s Notes: This was written for the qafbigbang challenge. I made Ben the same age as Justin.

Link to Story : Master Post

Link to Art : Master Post
12th-May-2010 10:01 pm - Fic: The Lightning Strike
bj belonging
Title: The Lightning Strike
Author: wouldbedorothy
Artist: chosenfire28
Disclaimer: Not my characters, except for one or two. And I rewrote the health & science books.
Characters/Pairings: Brian/Justin, etc. gang, Drew, Daph, Dr. Alex
Word Count: 16,855
Warnings: Mpreg!
Spoilers: Through 513.
Summary: Set two years post-513, Justin is back in Pittsburgh with Brian, where he belongs. No sooner do they enter into the shocking world of monogamy than they find themselves in much more daunting and unfamiliar territory... Justin's pregnancy. It's a universe where pregnancy for men is neither unheard of nor common. How will B/J deal with the unexpected news and the changes it brings to their life together?
Author’s Notes: Titled after and contains some lyrics from the Snow Patrol song epic, "The Lightning Strike." This was... new for me, lol. I enjoyed it :)

Thank you to freakykat for major posting assistance!!!

Link to Story Master Post: http://wouldbedorothy.livejournal.com/64515.html
Link to Art Master Post: http://chosenfire28.livejournal.com/135518.html#cutid1
11th-May-2010 11:16 pm - Endeavor
BJ: 513 Infinity Mirror
Title: Endeavor
Author(s): galeandrandy
Disclaimer:Cowlip and others own the characters and other recognizable canon things. I own the original plot and characters.
Characters/Pairings:Brian/Justin Justin/Eric (of course B/J are the point)
Word Count:70,859
Warnings:Queer as Folk Fic/ Adult themes
Spoilers:Mentions of Canon storylines
Summary: No endeavor that is worthwhile is simple in prospect; if it is right, it will be simple in retrospect. -Edward Teller(Alternate Universe with canon characterization and many other canon influences.) Brian and Justin meet while Brian is interviewing him for a position in his ad agency, "Exhibition".View More Detailed Summary if you wish here
Author’s Notes:Thank you to my Artist, Beta and to Mira, this story is dedicated to you.

Link For Endeavor Fiction Master Post
Link For Endeavor Art Master Post
9th-May-2010 10:28 pm - Posting Instructions
Star Trek - Kirk captains chair
Posting is about to start! Authors make sure you are a member of the community so I can give you posting access. To see where you are on the posting schedule check HERE.

- Use the following format for your post to the community on your assigned posting date:

Subject Line
Fic: Title

All Authors need to post their story with the following Header (this is also what you need to format your post to the community like):

Don't change around the order or forget any links. Your post will be rejected if its not formatted like this.

If you want an example of a story master post please look HERE. For art post you can format the way you like just make sure to include a link to the author’s story, like THIS.

- Make sure that your story is broken up in parts or chapters and that each is linked to. If you can, make sure each part/chapter links to the next in the story. If your story is already done and ready to be posted you can do that now to get a jump on things. Just make sure to lock the posts and unlock them on your posting date.

- Make sure you have the link to your artist's Art Post, so you can include it in your post to the community, and make sure you include a link to your artist's post at your journal or wherever you post the story.

- Artist, make sure in your post you link to the authors fic. We want people to look at the art and read the fic, so share :D

The next post will be the posting schedule, the one after that declaring the posting, and then enjoy the fics that will be coming in.

If you aren’t sure how to do this (the coding, etc) please contact me through the comms email (qafbigbang@gmail.com), private message, or AIM at chosenfire2890. You can also always just leave a comment to this post.
4th-May-2010 06:19 pm - Posting Schedule: Sign Up!
Star Trek - Kirk captains chair
Posting will be going from May 10th to May 16th, you get to pick the day you post (unless you don't pick a day here then I will randomly assign you a day). Make sure to get with your artist first and make sure they day works for them.

To sign up for a day comment with the following. If any day works for you just put ANY

Posting ScheduleCollapse )
3rd-May-2010 12:14 am - Mod Post
Star Trek - Kirk captains chair
So sorry guys for the delay. Posting is being change to go from May 10th to May 17th. Once again if you can't post anywhere in this time let us know. This will be the last schedule change.

Posting Schedule will be up on May 6th.
28th-Apr-2010 04:38 pm - Posting Schedule
Star Trek - Kirk captains chair
The posting schedule is being put together right now. At this point we will have 7 fics and accompanying art for this challenge. So posting will go from May 1st to May 7th.

Authors AND Artists please let us know if there are any days within that time period that you cannot post and we will do our best to match you with a day you can.
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